Hannah Payne Will Go To Trial For The Killing Of Kenneth Herring, Kamala Harris And Elizabeth Warren Are Getting No Attention, And The NBA Finals - Warriors Vs. Raptors | ITBP S3E22

In this episode the fellas are joined by Dr. Tunde Akinyeke (@taut_7) of the N.W.A. Podcast as we discuss the recent murder case of 62yo Kenneth Herring by Hannah Payne in Georgia.  They discuss why it appears that no one is giving Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren any attention, despite the crowded Democratic presidential field.  And with the NBA Finals starting, we talk about how insufferable Drake is gonna be, as well as discuss who has a better chance of taking home the title this year the Golden State Warriors, or the Toronto Raptors?  All that and much more. 

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S3E4: Dazed And Confused -N- White Awake

Yes!!  WE. ARE. BACK!!  It’s the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast and in this episode we take a letter from a listener who asks: “What the hell is wrong with Kanye?”  We discuss if it’s a good or bad thing that Jeff Bezos increased Amazon’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.  And we investigate what happens when white students need a safe space to talk about people of color.  All that and much more.

Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black.

Black Box - Kanye:  3:31
Amazon Minimum Wage:  20:45
White Awake:  32:12
What’s Up:  47:25
Rick’s Joke:  50:35

Audio Clips obtained from Saturday Night Live (NBC Universal) and TMZ

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