Conversation With MSNBC-Morgan State's Dr. Jason Johnson, Texas Teen Forced To Color Hair With Marker At School, And How Anxiety Affects Men | ITBP S3E28

In this season 3 finale we take a listener letter that asks; how far is too far when it comes to school discipline. We take a look at a recent Wall Street Journal article that tries to explain why anxiety looks and affects men differently than women. And we're joined by MSNBC political contributor and Morgan State Professor, Dr. Jason Johnson to talk about Black #Masculinity in the era of #MeToo and #BlackPanther, and to discuss politics and the 2020 elections. All that and much more. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black.

Jay-Z Teams Up With The NFL, Judge Saves Immigrant From ICE Arrest, And Should You Shoot Your Shot In The Workplace | ITBP S3E27

In this episode, the fellas get an interesting letter from a listener who's having a hard time deciding whether or not he should "shoot his shot" at work.  They ask: "Is judicial activism the way to go in this era of Trump, immigration, and border security?"  And they break down the interesting dynamics of the recent partnership between Jay-Z's Roc Nation and the NFL.  All that and much more. Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black.

Living A Polygamous Life, The Death of Toni Morrison, and Will Hurd The Last Black Republican Congressman | ITBP S3E26

On this episode of the ITBP the fellas are joined by J Cleveland Payne host of "This Is The Conversation". He helps us to answer a listener letter asking about living in a polygamous life. They discuss the passing of Toni Morrison and the impact she left in the world of literature and Black culture. And they ask the question; “Why Is Will Hurd (R-TX) The Last Black Republican In Congress?” All that and more more. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!

Ms. Michigan Gets Crown Taken For Being Racist, Marvel's New Catalog of Diverse Movies, And What Happens When You're Dating A Cougar | ITBP S3E25

In This week's episode we get a listener letter from a brother who's dating a cougar, and feels that he's bitten off more than he could chew. We discuss why the former Ms. Michigan (Kathy Zhu) had her pageant crown taken away. And we take a look at the upcoming slate of Marvel films announced at SDCC. There's a lot of diversity. Is it a genuine culture change, or is it pandering? All that and much more.

Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!

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Her Haircut's Too Manly For Her Man, Colin Kaepernick Tells Nike Stop Bettsy Ross Sneaker Release, And Is Kamala Harris Black Enough ITBP S3E24

In this episode we're joined by Sociologist Dr. Sitinga Kachipande as we discuss male sensitivity, and if a woman's haircut can make a man feel less manly.  Nike scrapped the release of a new sneaker because of concerns shared by Colin Kaepernick, does he have too much pull at Nike?  Questions about the "Blackness" of Kamala Harris have been stirred up.  We ask if it's valid or nonsense.  All that and much more.  Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black.

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Should You Wait 90 Days To Have Sex When Dating and Dr. Lawrence Drake's Book _Color Him Father_ A Story About Loss And Black Fatherhood | ITBP S3E23

In this episode "Big O" and HUSL (Rick) discuss if it's a good idea to put a 90 day moratorium on sex when dating.  And right in time for Father's Day they're joined by Psychologist and Author, Dr. Lawrence Drake to discuss his new book "Color Him Father".  He describes his journey grieving the loss of his daughter, and how that journey has spawned a movement to strengthen and uplift Black Fathers everywhere.  All that and much more.  Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black.

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Hannah Payne Will Go To Trial For The Killing Of Kenneth Herring, Kamala Harris And Elizabeth Warren Are Getting No Attention, And The NBA Finals - Warriors Vs. Raptors | ITBP S3E22

In this episode the fellas are joined by Dr. Tunde Akinyeke (@taut_7) of the N.W.A. Podcast as we discuss the recent murder case of 62yo Kenneth Herring by Hannah Payne in Georgia.  They discuss why it appears that no one is giving Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren any attention, despite the crowded Democratic presidential field.  And with the NBA Finals starting, we talk about how insufferable Drake is gonna be, as well as discuss who has a better chance of taking home the title this year the Golden State Warriors, or the Toronto Raptors?  All that and much more. 

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D.L. Hughley Makes Us Think About How We Talk To Our Children, Robert Smith Gives Morehouse 2019 Grads A Gift, And Was Season 8 of Game of Thrones That Bad | ITBP S3E21

In this episode Big O and HUSL talk about an emotional and intimate exchange between D.L. Hughley and his son Kyle, who as Autism.  They discuss how Robert F. Smith is paying off all the loans for the 2019 graduating class at Morehouse, and how it's changed the game for commencement speakers everywhere.  And with 8 seasons in the can, and a questionable series finale, we discuss the conclusion of HBO's Game of Thrones.  All that and much more.  

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Ayesha Curry Isn't Getting Any Male Attention, Minneapolis Charges Ex-Cop Mohamed Noor With Murder, and What If Donald Trump Refuses To Step After 2020 Loss _ ITBP S3E20

This week we're joined by the amazing Dru Ealons, and she helps us take a look at the case of Ex-Cop Mohamed Noor, and ask why Minneapolis appears to have a double standard when it comes to charging and convicting police that kill unarmed citizens.  Nancy Pelosi is scared that Donald Trump could refuse to step down as President after a 2020 loss.  We discuss how possible that is.  And Ayesha Curry is tired of all the groupies surrounding her husband Steph Curry, but she's also tired of men NOT approaching her and showing her any attention? We discuss all that, and much more.  Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black. 

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Yankees Stop Playing Kate Smith, Losing Director John Singleton, What It's Like To Be A Black Cosplayer, And Game of Thrones Ep3 "The Long Night" | ITBP S3E19

In this episode the ITBP the fellas discuss why the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Yankees decided to cut Kate Smith.  In light of the death of Director John Singleton, they talk about his most impactful movies.  Big O is joined by Anita Riggs (Tranquil Ashes) and Dana Holmes (NYCPlayboy78) to discuss what it means to be a Black Cosplayer.  And of course after an INCREDIBLE episode 3, the fellas discuss Game of Thrones "The Long Night".  That and much more.

Game of Thrones Season 8 and Notre Dame Cathedral _ ITBP S3E18

In this episode we are joined by comedian extraordinaire Haywood Turnipseed, and host of the Shiznit Podcast Dino Red to discuss the recent fire at the Cathedral Notre Dame.  And with the release of the final season of HBO's Game of Thrones just kicking off, we discuss thrones and ask what character gets the award for biggest dummy.  All that and much more.  Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black

No Sex In Our Marriage, Why Dark Skin Girls Aren't Getting Married, And Magic Johnson Steps Leaves The Lakers | ITBP S3E17

In this EP of the In The Black Podcast we are joined by Toni Brown, host of the "Snatching Edges" Podcast.  We take a listener letter asking what to do when the sex has dried up in your marriage.  We ask are dark skinned Black women really getting married less than their counterparts, and we talk about Magic Johnson stepping down from the Lakers organization.  All that and much more.  

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Jordan Peele Doesn't Want Male White Leads, Ebony Magazine And Colorism, And Joe Biden and Omari Hardwick Getting Too Touchy | ITBP S3E16

In This episode we are joined by Dr. Robert J. Patterson of Georgetown University.  He helps us to discuss Jordan Peele's recent comments about not putting White Male leads in his movies, colorism and the history of colorism in Black Media.  And we delve into the dust up surrounding Joe Biden and Omari Hardwick, and we ask what is the appropriate way to greet another man's wife.  All that and more.

Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black.

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Reparations For Black Americans, Jussie Smollett Get All Charges Dropped, And Cardi B Admits To Drugging And Robbing Men _ ITBP S3E15

In this episode we get a listener letter about the possibility that Black people will get reparations.  We discuss how and why Jussie Smollett had all his criminal charges dropped.  And we ask if Cardi B admitting she drugged and robbed men deserves the backlash it's getting.

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California's SB 1421 And Police Backlash, Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Sexual Allegations, And The Murder of Jacquelyn Smith | ITBP S3E14

In this episode we discuss California's new SB 1421 law that would make once secrete police files available to the public.  We talk about Neil Degrasse Tyson's return to TV after his sexual assault allegations, and we review the killing of Jacqueline Smith and the alleged panhandler killing.  Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black

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Russell Westbrook's Fan Altercation And The NBA's Fan Problem, And The College Admissions Scandal _ ITBP S3E13

On this episode we are joined by Elgin Bailey (Page Turners Podcast) as he helps us to discuss the recent altercation between Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA) star Russell Westbrook and a fan, as well as the college admissions scandal where wealthy parents are paying their children's way into top tier colleges and universities.  All that and much more.


Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black.  

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Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti Uses Racial Slur, Oscars 2019 Winners And Losers, And Anti-Blackness In The Latinx Community _ ITBP S3E12

We are joined by Don Teasyman and Keshia Morena, hosts of the Baked Beans And Rice Podcast to discuss Maryland Del. Mary Ann Lisanti's racial controversy.  We talk about the good and the bad from the 2019 Oscars.  And we dive into the issue of Anti-Blackness in the Latinx community.

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