Big O – Mr. IntheBlack

Born in Nigeria and raised in Maryland, Big O is a real-life African Prince with an opinion about everything.  His love of spicy food is matched only by his love of spicy conversation. In 2016, he took an idea for a lighthearted show about Black issues discussed by Black men and made it a reality when he launched the In the Black Podcast. He’s never looked back.  IT professional by day, Big O is an expert troubleshooter (and troublemaker) and gadget fiend. He has appeared on “Woke with Kids”, “The University College”, and “The Conversation", and also co-hosts The Blerdverse. When he’s not providing witty commentary on all things Black, Blerd, and political, or fine-tuning his photography skills, he is a devoted husband and father. You can find Big O @Mr_InTheBlack on Twitter and Instagram