S3E4: Dazed And Confused -N- White Awake

Yes!!  WE. ARE. BACK!!  It’s the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast and in this episode we take a letter from a listener who asks: “What the hell is wrong with Kanye?”  We discuss if it’s a good or bad thing that Jeff Bezos increased Amazon’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.  And we investigate what happens when white students need a safe space to talk about people of color.  All that and much more.

Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black.

Black Box - Kanye:  3:31
Amazon Minimum Wage:  20:45
White Awake:  32:12
What’s Up:  47:25
Rick’s Joke:  50:35

Audio Clips obtained from Saturday Night Live (NBC Universal) and TMZ

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