Hannah Payne Will Go To Trial For The Killing Of Kenneth Herring, Kamala Harris And Elizabeth Warren Are Getting No Attention, And The NBA Finals - Warriors Vs. Raptors | ITBP S3E22

In this episode the fellas are joined by Dr. Tunde Akinyeke (@taut_7) of the N.W.A. Podcast as we discuss the recent murder case of 62yo Kenneth Herring by Hannah Payne in Georgia.  They discuss why it appears that no one is giving Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren any attention, despite the crowded Democratic presidential field.  And with the NBA Finals starting, we talk about how insufferable Drake is gonna be, as well as discuss who has a better chance of taking home the title this year the Golden State Warriors, or the Toronto Raptors?  All that and much more. 

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S2E19: Like Summer Camp -N- I Know What You Did Last Summer

We are back!! And this time we're joined by Sam McClain (Just Talkin With Sam Podcast) as he helps us discuss; Why Nazis are Marching On The Capital, Why immigrant families are being separated at the border, and how Thanos and Trump are more alike than we think. AND the Hateocracy is formed, as Sam and Big O bond in their hatred for LeBron James and how they refuse to let "The Decision" Pt.2 Electric Boogaloo dictate their summer. That and much more!! Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!

S2E16: He Was Bullied -N- The No Fun League

The ITBP is baaaaack!! And this time we're joined by community organizer and activist Elgin Bailey, and we had a lot to talk about.  Should Black people check white people for saying the N-Word EVERY time, or does context matter?  What is the cause for the rash of school shootings in America?  We discuss the recent deal Netflix struck with former President Obama.  And we delve into the protest policy change announced by the No Fun League (NFL). That and much more.
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S2E4: An Island By Himself -n- Can I Kick It

Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast. And we're joined by Al Billups from the "We Come From Bad News" podcast. We chop it up about the silver lining to Trumps tweets (yeah, you read that right), the presidents recent responses to aide Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and the latest album by artist Rapsody "Laila's Wisdom". All that and much more. Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!!

Episode 20: A LONG Moment of Silence -n- Welcome To The League Rookie

Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE ITBP!!!  Kicking it with us this week are activist Collin Jackson, and author and host of The Full Circle Podcast Show, Darryl McCullough.  They help us tackle the verdict in the Philando Castile trial, the NBA Draft, College Ball, and much much more.  If you want to know what black excellence sounds like, you'll need to tune in.

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Episode 19: Bill Maher's N*&&@ Moment -n- A Racial Inconvenience

We are back like we NEVER left.  Special guest Joe The Trainer helps us to discuss Bill Maher's recent user of the N-word and whether or not black people have allowed others to feel so comfortable with us that they feel free to say it.  Also, can racism be just an emotional inconvenience to Black people with money.  Jason Whitlock thinks so.  We discuss.  IN-formed.  IN-telligent.  In The Black.