California Ready To Pay College Athletes, Is The Movie Joker A Movie For Angry White Men, And Kevin Hart's Car Crash | ITBP S4E1

We. Are. Back!! It's time to start season 4 of the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast, and on this episode we discuss how California is poised to be the first state to allow student athletes to get paid to play. We tackle whether or not the upcoming movie "Joker" is indoctrination material for angry White Males. And after Kevin Hart's recent car crash, we discuss how things have gone from bad to worse. All that, and much more.

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Jordan Peele Doesn't Want Male White Leads, Ebony Magazine And Colorism, And Joe Biden and Omari Hardwick Getting Too Touchy | ITBP S3E16

In This episode we are joined by Dr. Robert J. Patterson of Georgetown University.  He helps us to discuss Jordan Peele's recent comments about not putting White Male leads in his movies, colorism and the history of colorism in Black Media.  And we delve into the dust up surrounding Joe Biden and Omari Hardwick, and we ask what is the appropriate way to greet another man's wife.  All that and more.

Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black.

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S2E25: Roaring Women -N- Get Dem Dollas

YES!!  Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast.  And it's our Season 2 Finale Episode (Sad Face).  On this episode we we jump into our Black Box to read a listener letter that makes us think about the differences between Randy Moss and Ray Lewis' Hall of Fame Inductions.  We celebrate the RECORD number of women running for public office this election cycle, and ask what we as Black men can do to take part.  And we discuss startups, venture capitalists, and how we can possibly get some of them dollas.  All that and much more on this season finale episode of the ITBP.

Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black!

**Letters From The Black Box:  4:05
**Record # of Women In Politics:  18:39
**StartUps and Mo StartUps:  34:38
**What's Up:  45:50

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S2E7: Things Fall Apart -N- Ain't No Half Step'N

We are back, and as usual better than ever. In this episode we are joined by social and political analyst Dru Ealons as we we discuss the recent slave trade in Libya, whether or not A Tribe Called Quest deserved to be nominated for a Grammy, and Dru Dynamite takes us to school on why there is such a lack of political engagement in the black community. Check it out!! Informed. Intelligent. In The Black