S2E25: Roaring Women -N- Get Dem Dollas

YES!!  Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast.  And it's our Season 2 Finale Episode (Sad Face).  On this episode we we jump into our Black Box to read a listener letter that makes us think about the differences between Randy Moss and Ray Lewis' Hall of Fame Inductions.  We celebrate the RECORD number of women running for public office this election cycle, and ask what we as Black men can do to take part.  And we discuss startups, venture capitalists, and how we can possibly get some of them dollas.  All that and much more on this season finale episode of the ITBP.

Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black!

**Letters From The Black Box:  4:05
**Record # of Women In Politics:  18:39
**StartUps and Mo StartUps:  34:38
**What's Up:  45:50

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S2E23: Fight For Every Cent -N- Color of My Pain

 Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE ITBPodcast, and this week we discuss R.Kelly and his recent 19 minute "confession" *I Admit*.  We talk about what's more important to the Black Community, fighting for Silver Rights or Civil Rights.  We tackle whether or not we believe if Eric Holder will run for President in 2020.  And we discuss the tragic murders of Markies McGlockton and Nia Wilson and ask is there a market for Black Pain.  All that and much more.
Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!!!

**Letters From The Black Box:  2:45
**Civil Rights or Silver Rights:  17:15
**Eric Holder 4 Pres:  30:55
**Markies McGlockton and Nia Wilson:  42:52
**What's Up:  1:00:30

S2E20: We About That Life -N-We Don't Need No Permits

We. Are. BACK! And this time we're joined by actor, director, and indie film maker Jason Yorrick. He helps us to discuss what happens when you find out that your home boy is being physically abused by his girlfriend. We discuss gang life, parenting, and the murder of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz. Why big businesses aren't investing with minorities. And why an 8 year old would need a permit to sell water. And we debute our new segment "Have A Seat". That and much much more! Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!

S2E8: Sweet Home Alabama -N- Microphone Check

The fellas are back and JUST in time for the Holidays. In this episode we talk about the recent special election held in Alabama, we discuss how Black Thought's (The Roots) 10 minute freestyle melted every mic in America and may have rejuvenated hiphop, and after getting fired from the White House whether or not Omarosa should get a pass to come out of the "Sunken Place". Our adopted brother Rick (HUSLhard) found his way back Zamunda, AND this is the last episode of the year so... this should be FUN!! Informed. Intelligent. In The Black!!

S2E7: Things Fall Apart -N- Ain't No Half Step'N

We are back, and as usual better than ever. In this episode we are joined by social and political analyst Dru Ealons as we we discuss the recent slave trade in Libya, whether or not A Tribe Called Quest deserved to be nominated for a Grammy, and Dru Dynamite takes us to school on why there is such a lack of political engagement in the black community. Check it out!! Informed. Intelligent. In The Black