California Ready To Pay College Athletes, Is The Movie Joker A Movie For Angry White Men, And Kevin Hart's Car Crash | ITBP S4E1

We. Are. Back!! It's time to start season 4 of the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast, and on this episode we discuss how California is poised to be the first state to allow student athletes to get paid to play. We tackle whether or not the upcoming movie "Joker" is indoctrination material for angry White Males. And after Kevin Hart's recent car crash, we discuss how things have gone from bad to worse. All that, and much more.

Informed. Intelligent. In The Black.

S3E3: No Pudding For Bill -N- Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all

Yes!!  Back once again it's the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast and this episode we're joined by Al Billups from the "We Come From Bad News" Podcast.  He helps us to discuss the complicated life of Bill Cosby as we look at his recent jail sentencing.  We talk about the beef between Kevin Hart and Katt Williams, and how neither one of them want smoke from Leslie Jones.  And we ask is Tiger Woods is back in championship form, and whether or not he still has any impact on the Black community.  That and MUCH MUCH more!!

Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black!
Black Box Letter:  3:23
Bill Cosby:  21:27
Tiger Woods:  40:05
What's Up:  52:13

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