Is It Okay To Be Scared of Fatherhood, Why Is Kirk Franklin Boycotting The Dove Awards, And Why Are Americans Afraid of Reparations? | ITBP S4E7

In this week’s episode we get a Black Box letter from a listener that’s expecting his first child, and he’s terrified.  So we examine the role that fear plays in Black fatherhood.  We also try and make sense of Kirk Franklin’s recent “Personal Boycott” of the Dove Awards.  How affective can it be?  And we ask why are some White Americans afraid of even having the discussion about reparations?  We discuss that, and more much. 

Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black!

Singer Tank Says Sucking A Penis Two Times Doesn't Make You Gay, CNN Planning An All Black Politics Show, And Youtuber Brandon Cole | ITBP S4E6

On this week’s episode; singer/writer Tank believes that men can be sexually intimate with other men and not be gay.  We ask; is there validity to what he’s saying?  CNN seems poised to launch an all Black politics show.  Why now, and can it be successful?  And we are joined by YouTuber and portrait photographer extraordinaire, Brandon Cole, of Brandon Cole Photography.  We talk about how he started, his process, and how he stays motivated, and the grind of entrepreneurship.  All that and much more. 

Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black.