S3E1: Look But Don't Touch -N- Work'n 9-5

We're Baaaaaaack!  Back Once again, it's the INCREDIBLE In The Black Podcast.  Fresh off our hiatus, and ready to dive back into our Black Box as we discuss Aretha Franklin's funeral, and the touching, eulogizing, and spectacle that came with it.  We talk about Nike's new deal with Colin Kaepernick and what that means for the NFL and the "Freshly Salty".  And we ask; what the hell is "Job Shaming"?  All that and Much Much More.

Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black.
**Letters From The Black Box:  Aretha's Funeral - 2:16
**Kaepernick The New Face of Nike - 23:13
**Geoffrey Owens and Job Shaming - 39:26
**What's Up - 51:45

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