Ayesha Curry Isn't Getting Any Male Attention, Minneapolis Charges Ex-Cop Mohamed Noor With Murder, and What If Donald Trump Refuses To Step After 2020 Loss _ ITBP S3E20

This week we're joined by the amazing Dru Ealons, and she helps us take a look at the case of Ex-Cop Mohamed Noor, and ask why Minneapolis appears to have a double standard when it comes to charging and convicting police that kill unarmed citizens.  Nancy Pelosi is scared that Donald Trump could refuse to step down as President after a 2020 loss.  We discuss how possible that is.  And Ayesha Curry is tired of all the groupies surrounding her husband Steph Curry, but she's also tired of men NOT approaching her and showing her any attention? We discuss all that, and much more.  Informed.  Intelligent.  In The Black. 

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